The Border Cup 2014 – A charity golf day with a difference.

We’ve all been to some great charity golf days I’m sure (and perhaps the odd not so good one!) but I think everyone involved in this years ‘Border Cup’ will agree it is a unique and special day. Why? Simply put… because of the great people who take part. It’s not about massive numbers or mind blowing prizes. Of course everyone wants their team to win but it’s all about integrating, mixing, making new friends, banter and all whilst helping people affected by Spinal Cord Injury. I (Andy) thought I  would share my thoughts on the day, as the organiser and as a keen participant.4

The ‘Border Cup’ – A team of supporters from the North take on a team of supporters from the South.

The format –  Pairs match play, with pairs trying to score a point for their team, a la The Ryder Cup.

Team North, out to even the score!

2013 was the first year of the Border Cup and Team South managed to sneak a victory by one point, but this year it was a different story.

Team North getting some last minute practice in.
Putting practice paid off for Team North. (this was taken 3 days before the first tee off time!!)



Dressed in Red, our boys from the North meant business this year. Fed up with me reminding them of my match winning putt on the 18th in 2013, (had to get that in Tim) they brought the ‘big guns’ along to hunt us southerners down. This year, thanks to VPAR, we also had an interactive scoreboard for all our players to view from their smartphones during the day. Keeping track of your team mates really added an extra ‘Ryder Cup’ feel.

With players coming together from Bournemouth to the Lake District, from Bermondsey to Bolton, meeting in the heart of the country is of course the fairest option. The Forest of Arden Country Club is always an excellent host and with buggies for everyone, tired legs is not an excuse for not getting a point on the board.22

Despite the match hanging in the balance during the day, with points ‘toing and froing’ between pairs, Team North were the eventual winners. With an impressive winning margin, I have to hold my hands up and say well played guys. I’m expecting 12 months of banter before we get to battle it out again in 2015!



The 19th

A few cheeky drinks after the round is always a great way to exchange stories before dinner. Keeping an eye on the scoreboard to see who’s doing what really adds an extra element. Bragging rights are all part and parcel of the day and the day certainly belonged to team North… this time!

A quick shower, change and it’s time for dinner. As well as presenting the prizes its also time for a serious moment to thank everyone for their support and it’s an opportunity for me to tell everyone what a difference they are helping us and our friends Spinal Research to make.

The serious moment was only brief though. It wasn’t long before our attention was turned to our evening entertainment – aka Kev from team south and his shirt!! (Sorry Kev)23


Getting my excuses for loosing in!!
My excuses for the Team South loss fell on deaf ears!!
It wasn't enough for Team North's Tim to come up and collect the trophy...oh no! He had to subject us to 5 mins of 'sledging' too.
Collecting the trophy wasn’t enough for Tim from Team North, oh no! I had to take 5 mins of ‘sledging’ from him too.









Congratulations Team North
Well done Team North. A great win.






A final thanks to all our players for making the 2014 Border Cup such a great day. A special thanks to Tim Walters and Serious Injury Law for forming the nucleus of Team North, helping to get the rest of Team North together and for your continued support.

Thanks to all the Team South guys too for putting up with my continual requests/invites! We’ll be back next year.

We’re hoping to secure Friday 15th May 2015 at the Forest of Arden for next years event. Please pencil the date in your diary and if any friends or people reading this fancy joining us next year….we’d love to hear from you. info@rstrust.com

A final thanks to Karl from http://www.benandbella-photography.com/ for talking some great pics too.

“So, that’s two chips with gravy and one without please”




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