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Some of you may have read a couple of blog posts that I wrote for the RST while I was out in China last year. Well, Andy has now asked me to take complete control of the blog section on their website, which I am so excited about (and a little bit nervous!) We have some very exciting plans for the blog, and I am thrilled to be joining Team RST, although unfortunately not as a marathon runner or triathlete (although you never know…I do like a challenge!!)

I’ll keep this first post brief and just tell you a little bit about myself and what we’ve got in store over the next few months.

My name is Suzanne, I’m 28 and I have a T8 complete spinal injury. I wouldn’t really say that my injury is what defines me, but I feel it is important to mention! I was injured about 4 and a half years ago when I was standing on a balcony in Morocco and the railings gave way and I fell about 20 feet. I like to see my accident as very unlucky, but at the same time I am so lucky that my injury wasn’t worse.

I knew from the start that I wouldn’t let me injury defeat me, and as a result I have been so determined to achieve as much as I can. To start with this was solely a physical journey for me and I have thrown everything into my rehabilitation, which has taken me to Miami and China along the way. However, over the past year I have begun to look at the mental side of things as well. I have started studying again, and I am trying to find a good work/exercise/fun life balance. It is taking some adjusting, and I will never give up my intense exercise regime completely, but I am really enjoying having a more rounded approach to life.

I have been writing my own blog for the past 3 years (sorryaboutyourlegs.com) so if you fancy reading about what I’ve been up to then make yourself a cup of tea and head on over!

So, the plans that we have for this blog obviously include showcasing the awesome events that the RST hold throughout the year, and any exciting SCI news as it happens. But, as Andy has mentioned, we are going to be running a ‘Sit In My Seat’ series. This will be a monthly guest blog post from someone who will be sharing their story and what a day/week/month is like in their life. I think this will be so insightful for people to read and to really see what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes. Spinal cord injuries are so devastating and can happen in a split second to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Anything that raises awareness to help promote research to the cure is of course incredible, but I also think it is so vital for people to see that we’re not that different just because we’re in a wheelchair. By reading other peoples’ stories, you will be able to see the struggles that people with an SCI face along with the positivity and strength that also shines through. We have got some great people lined up, and will be kicking off next month. And if you or anyone you know might like to be part of this series then please get in touch with me or Andy (suzanne@rstrust.com) We would absolutely love to include anyone, whether you think your story is worth reading or not!

Well I think I’ve failed to keep this short, so I will end here. Look out for our first guest for the Sit In My Seat series coming very soon. And if you would like to be kept updated with new blog posts then please sign up below or on the blog front page, and they will be delivered straight to your inbox when they are hot off the press!

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