Active Hands

Not having the use of your hands is unimaginable to most of us but it is very much a reality to many people with a high level spinal cord injury. Although Marrianne has regained some movement in her arms, she has no movement in her hands. Griping isn’t an option…. not without the help of  ‘Active Hands’.

This brilliant product, developed by UK based www.activehands.com, enables people with limited/no hand use to do many things.

As part of our support to people affected by SCI, we try to send a complimentary pair of gloves out to those who are unable to grip and who would otherwise struggle to afford a pair. Please drop us a line for more details, info@rstrust.com. A little can mean a lot when it comes to SCI and Active Hands offer a lot!

PEASE NOTE  – We are currently only able to gift Active Hands to residents of the United Kingdom. Apologies for any inconvenience to our overseas friends but we are a very small, UK based, voluntary trust with limited funds. Many thanks.

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