Team RST…The Next Generation.

Aman, Zac, Marrianne and Philip


Our future is in safe hands… 

We recently had a lovely email from a young lad called Zac Hozier. Zac is a year five student at Duncombe School in Hertford and along with his friends Philip Lush and Aman Samad, has chosen to present a piece on RST to his school. The three young go getters hope to make RST their schools chosen charity and have some great fundraising ideas to help people affected by spinal cord injury. Marrianne popped along to meet the lads, who were keen to learn more about RST, Marrianne’s rehab and spinal cord injury in general. A big thanks to Zac, Philip and Aman and we wish you all the best with your presentation. Duncombe School can be very proud to have three such impressive young students.

We’ll be sure to keep you all  posted on their presentation.

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