Marrianne Rooprai – Our Inspiration
Marrianne Rooprai - Our Inspiration
Marrianne prior to her injury



In 2004 Marrianne Rooprai was left paralysed from the shoulders down after an accident. Today Marrianne’s quest for progress continues.

From laserponcture in France, the Russian ‘Dikkal’ method of rehab, through to Ekso walking, FES rowing and Prime Physio, lots of elements have played a part in Marrianne’s ‘Progress’. Although still a long way to go, Marrianne is eternally grateful to everyone who has helped her along the way and a special thanks always goes to the Doctors and Nurses of the Sheffield Spinal Unit.

Always an infectious, bubbly and positive person, Marrianne’s character has never wavered. Inspired by his long term partner during one of his daily visits to the spinal unit, Marrianne’s partner Andy decided they should start a trust.  A trust that would not only mirror Marrianne’s desire for progress, but a trust that would help her to reach goals and ultimately help others who have been affected by the devastation that spinal cord injury brings. In 2005 the Rooprai Spinal Trust was born.

For Marrianne and RST its all about progress. Please watch this short clip before you read on.

If you wish to read Marrianne’s story in more detail please click here.


You can see in the video the progress Marrianne has made and on our ‘How can we help you?’ page you can see the progress the trust has made, since launched, to help and inspire others.

But…there is no short cut to success. Marrianne’s progress has taken belief, hard work and dedication. Which has of course influenced the success of RST.


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