About Us


Helping people affected by spinal cord injury (SCI) is what we are all about. Having witnessed first-hand the devastation that SCI brings, we want to share our experiences to help others.

We are working hard to achieve these goals:

  • To continue to offer support to Marrianne Rooprai and share her story and progress to help and inspire others.
  • To help make activity-based qualified physiotherapy available to all those in the UK with SCI who wish to use it in their search for progress and good health.
  • To guide and assist others via the knowledge and connections we have made since our launch.
  • To support the research world in the fight to reverse paralysis and their efforts to improve the quality of life for those with SCI.
  • To generally raise awareness of SCI, everything that comes with it, and emphasise why it is so important to rid the world of the paralysis that SCI brings.
  • To remain a 100 per cent voluntary organisation.