Marrianne's Physio Story

From the ‘Dikul’ Russian physiotherapy method, laserpunture in France, biofeedback in Miami, through to neuro physio in the UK and the US  – Marrianne has always had an open mind to ideas to help her move forward.

Therapy has never been about expecting miracles, it’s always been about progress. Progress for the mind and body. Marginal gains add up. When you have a high level of paralysis like Marrianne, those marginal gains can be life changing. Whether it’s building up the strength to feed herself independently, being able to send a text without assistance, gaining enough core strength to not need a safety strap in her wheelchair, the list of positives goes on and that’s not to mention the obvious health benefits of keeping in shape. Being a high level tetraplegic doesn’t mean you can’t look after your body.

“Working out makes me feel great, it’s as simple as that. I enjoy pushing myself and doing things that someone with my level of paralysis shouldn’t be able to do.”

Marrianne Rooprai

Marrianne has always had goals. Short term, medium term and long term. Of course Marrianne hopes to one day walk again, and she isn’t afraid to say that but it doesn’t consume her.  Looking after herself, making progress and living life…. these are the things that keep Marrianne motivated for so long and why she has been voted one of the UK’s most influential disabled people.

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“Marrianne has no fear. Working with M I realised your success is on the other side of your fear. Once you are over your fears, achieving your goals is far easier. I have learned that from Marrianne and it has helped me convey that to my other clients and to help them during their recovery process.”

Dr Guy RomainFounder of Neurofit 360, Miami