Physiotherapy Scholarships

The benefits of activity-based physiotherapy post spinal cord injury are well documented. Physically active individuals with SCI reduce the risk of secondary issues such as respiratory illness, pressure sores and urinary tract infections. Having professional help from an experienced neuro physio can manage problems such as spasticity, chronic pain and weight gain. There are also things like preventing bone density deterioration and muscle wastage to consider. 

In addition to the physical benefits, there are also huge psychological gains to be had. Just ask Marrianne. Setting goals and seeing progress in the gym have been life changing for Marrianne. Dedication and opportunity are key. 

“Marrianne has the dedication of an Olympic athlete” – Andy Galbraith, Prime Physio Founder & Former Captain in the British Army Physical Training Corps.


While you don’t have to be as dedicated as an Olympic athlete to reap the benefits of good physiotherapy, having the opportunity to learn how to look after your body post paralysis is crucial. Unfortunately, the cost associated with long-term physiotherapy is a massive hurdle for many. 

Our scholarship programme is designed to help individuals with SCI, living in the UK, access activity-based physio. It’s designed to give some help and guidance to those facing life-changing paralysis. 

While we don’t have a centre ourselves, we work with a growing number of incredible specialist neuro physiotherapists and trainers who provide expert help for our scholars and help them strive for goals.  

Our physio partners include: 

  • Prime Physio, specialist therapy centre – Cambridge 

Prime Physio is an award-winning specialist therapy centre with a focus on spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions. Marrianne has enjoyed working with Prime since it first opened its doors and it’s been the home of our scholarship programme since 2013. Over the past 10+ years, we have proudly helped many to benefit from their services.  

  • The Rehab Physio, specialist neurological centre – Wirral  

Delivering world-leading technology and expertise to optimise recovery, The Rehab Physio team are a friendly bunch in the North West of England who we have enjoyed working with since 2022. The team initially put Marrianne to the test and she loved what the centre had to offer, giving them her ‘seal of approval’. We now enjoy supporting a growing number of individuals to train there.  

  • NeuroFit360 – USA 

While we are unable to sponsor those who live overseas, we have helped UK-based individuals to train in the USA. We’ve worked with the extraordinary team at NeuroFit360 since 2017. Led by Dr Guy Romain, NeuroFit360 is where innovative technology meets a passion to push the boundaries of what ‘you’ think is possible.  

  • New centre coming soon 

If you’d like more details about the programmes available, please drop us a line. 

The RST Physiotherapy Scholarship Programme
The RST Physiotherapy Scholarship Programme.
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Spinal Rooprai
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