Who is eligible for the RST physio scholarship programme?

Our programme is open to UK residents who have had a spinal cord injury and are in need of some assistance to access activity based physiotherapy.

Do we support and sponsor individuals from overseas?

At present, due to the size of our charity, we remain committed to delivering support for UK-based residents. However, if you would like any advice or to speak to a member of our team, please get in touch.

Where is your programme based?

Our programme is based at the award winning Prime Physio Specialist Therapy Centre near Cambridge. Prime is an independent centre who specialise in helping people with SCI.

Do you work with other physio centres?

Our programme is based at Prime Physio, Cambridge. We do also work with Gym Possible in Newcastle, helping people attend their life after paralysis course. We had our first physio scholar at Flex Health, Hull, in 2020 and hope to expand on that in 2021. Outside of this we currently have no plans to partner with other centres at the current time.

How do I apply for the physio scholarship programme?

We’ve streamlined this process to ensure we can support those with spinal cord injuries as quickly and easily as possible. The first step is to email our team on info@rstrust.com with your details and a member of the team will be in touch to discuss the next steps.

How long will the programme last for?

At present, we deliver two programmes. The first acts as a taster session for three days – this will allow you to get to know the therapists, receive guidance and ideas to take away and work on. You will get to understand the importance of looking after your body post paralysis and how best to do it.

The second programme delivers one session per week over a 10-week block. After the first block of sessions, there is an assessment and opportunity for feedback and review. We’d then look to repeat this process moving forward, providing all parties are in agreement.

What does the physio scholarship programme involve?

The programme is designed to deliver support and guidance to enable individuals to assess current ability and work to maintain and improve. You’ll work with the therapists to set goals and strive to achieve them.

If I’m travelling for my treatment, is this covered?

As a volunteer-run charity, we use our precious resources to ensure as many individuals as possible have access to therapy, this means we are unable to fund the costs of travel.

How can I get involved to support Rooprai Spinal Trust?

Thank you! We’ve got lots of ways for individuals and organisations to get involved and support our work. Please visit our ‘Get Involved’ page to learn more.

How can I find more out about Marrianne and her journey?

We always receive lots of interest and questions about Marrianne’s approach to dealing with paralysis. Head over to ‘Our story’ page and you’ll see more about Marrianne there or follow our Instagram page for regular Q&A’s.  Marriannne is always happy to answer a question.